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The Spare Time Guide is a touristical and informational website of four languages

Its aim is to give useful information for the tourists who come to Székelyudvarhely or its environs and the region’s citizens as well.

It is extremely practical and is divided to different territories. It presents the local businessmen’s services in four categories: Accommodation, Free time, Useful infos, Sights. These are collected after traditional, historical, cultural, geographical and touristical points of view. Among others it also contains interviews and maps.

The Spare Time Guide has a brochure too which appears in every season.

This publication is the first illustrated informational brochure of the countryside. It is a guide about accommodations, different organizations and places of entertainment. It presents the local businessmen’s services with colorful photos.

Our publishing is distributed in 10000 examples through Transylvania and Hungary. It can be found free of charge in the most important and the busiest places of the region.

In the website you can read more about the sights, events, traditions and you can find here presentations of townships in this region.

We are accesible in these URL addresses:

www.szabadidokalauz.ro, www.szk.ro

www.ghidultimpuluiliber.ro, www.gtl.ro

www.sparetimeguide.ro, www.stg.ro

www.freizeitsfuhrer.ro, www.fzf.ro


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