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Artera Craftsmen’s House

Székelyudvarhely, Kornis F. street 8, phone: 0366-100900

Programs constant, place: Artera House:

- Transylvania Authentica: exhibition on sale: popular art products and painted traditional furniture
- Handicraft professional courses
- Kaláka vocational handicraft study group, Monday-Friday: between 17 and 19 hour.
- Handicraft house for children - art- and play house, Monday-Friday: between 12 and 17 hour.
- Handicraft workshops: (during 3–6 months)

The Wandering Fair:
The craftsmen of the foundation take part at different fairs and festivals in the country and outside - demonstration of their professional techniques.
Our programme's aim is the longterm support of local development through community involvement in the identification, conservation and sustainable use of heritage related resources.


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