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Min: 4
Max: 7
Min: -2
Max: 0

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In the Hotel Tranzit we can receive in the motel 39 person at the same time.

The rooms can be choose from among on request, you can choose room with private bathroom or room with public bathroom. The price is calculated after your choice.

14 rooms

- We serve eat when you want and quantity what you want

- We can serve with conference room and protocol

- We have place to park with attendant, protected and supervised 24 hour in 24

- Cable Tv and fridge in all room

- Access to the World Wide Web (Internet)

- Food by needs

- Possibility to entertainment even at night

- Bar and gameroom non-stop

- Possibility to go to sightseeing, places of interest, the sights of the town, even with a guide if is necessary

- Flexible management

- Attentive service of guests, keeping eye in view your unusual wishes



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