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About Agyagfalva

Agyagfalva (Lutiţa) is one of the largest settlements in Mugeni Community.

It lies at 15 km from Székelyudvarhely municipality, on Székelyudvarhely-Segesvár route, in a height of 456 m above sea-level.

Is a place with a significant history, that constitutes an authentic thesaurus, and it presents the harmonious cohabitation of the Szekely and Saxon architectural traditions.

The main attractions of this part of the Târnava Mare Valley are: the constructions, folklore programs, tasty traditional dishes.

The name of Agyagfalva is closely connected to the Szekler national assembly of 1506 as well as with the events of the meeting of 1848.

These historical events were of great importance for the Szeklers.

The acceptance of the regulations concerning the Szekler autonomy is also connected to this village and also here was made the appeal to the Romanians and Saxons of Transylvania calling on solidarity in 1848.

Agyagfalva is a reformed village.


  • The 1848 monument can be seen from the no. 137 road. It was inaugurated in 1990. 
  • The Gothic Reformed Church encircled by small tiled stone-wall stands in the centre of the village and it was built in the 13th century.

Foto: Séra Zoltán

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