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About Homoródalmás

Mereşti or Homoródalmás is a village in Harghita County, Romania, in the valley of the Homorodu Mic flowing southwards from the Central Harghita Mountain, along the no. 32 county road, at 560-570 m altitude. The no. 132 county road turning left from the centre connects the villages of the Homorodu Mare Valley.

The commune has an absolute Székely (Hungarian) majority. According to the 2002 census it has a population of 1,415 of which 99.58% or 1,409 are Hungarian.

The Vargyas Gorge is the region's most important natural site, and the nearby village of Homorodalmas is a perfectly preserved microcosm of rural life.

Declared a landscape-protection area in 1980, the 800 ha large area can be visited freely. It can be approached from two directions, along the Barák street or along the Meresti Stream. The Virghis Stream Valley It is situated 9 km from Meresti to the east . The deep gorge is surrounded by 935-6 m high limestone peaks and it offers a pitoresque sight to its visitors. In the 4 km long valley all the deep karst forms can be met.

The Balázs Orbán Cave(Main Cave or Kőlik 'Stonehole'). There are route signs marking the way up to the cave from two directions: Meresti (9 km), and Virghis (15 km).

Photo: Márton Emese




Photo: Csender Gyula

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