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About Szejkefürdő

In the towns north-western part 1 km far from near the public road going to Sovata lays Szejke Bath famous for its tipical gates and healing-water.

Its healing-water has been known since 1766.

Supposedly it was found by a shepherd suffering of podagora who during he gave water t his sheeps washed his legs as well and he healed.

The water reach in iron, carbonacide nad carbonily-sulfate was transported in crocks by cars to the town erstwhile. In present it is used in a warm-bath having 11 baths healing reumathical, respiratory and cutaneous diseases while the (borvíz) is used in curing gastric, circulational and nervous system diseases.

The bath had became the property of Orbán Balázs in 1871 who made a bath accorded to the pretension of the age. After his will he was burried in the crypt situated here what decayed during the I W.W. It was overtaken by an earthquake and a blasting as well so it broke down in 1921. It was bulgarized and Orbán Balázs was buried in front of the crypt. Another burial, the carven grave-marker were neither durable. In present a stone grave with double headboard marks where the great (székely) sleeps.

On the 12 ha bath there are 2 springs, a mofette and a restaurant and two chop-house. Beyond the Szejke stream there were built several cottages and pensions. There is a stage as well where is organized every summer the Szejke festival.

Photo: Kiss Hunor

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