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About Tibód

Tibód or Tibod (Romanian: Tibod; Hungarian: Tibód) is a village in Harghita County.

The commune has an absolute Székely (Hungarian) majority.
According to the 1192 census it has a population of 200 of which 192 are Hungarian.

Tibód is one of the most important villages of Oroszhegy (Dealu) commune. 

It is a chatolic village, but there isn’t any church. The population goes to the  Székelyszenttamás to hear mass.
There is a chapel, it was bulid in 1760 by Török family in honour of  Szent Erzsébet.

After the 1989 year the turism vill be one of the most important thing in the village’s life.

The most important building in the village:

  • Lófői House (more than 400 years old)
  • Chapel of Török family

Places to excursions:

  • Szirt Hill
  • Rez Hill
  • Kétvize (where the rivers Bosnyák and Ballé are meeting)


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